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Julia Calabrese & Emily Bernstein


Julia Calabrese and Emily Bernstein are artists living and working in Portland. Hailing from disparate backgrounds and disciplines, together they are interested in building worlds they want to live in and the discovery that’s born from playful collaboration. They’ve been working in collaboration since 2013, when they wrote, created and produced the made-for-public access-TV teleplay The Cosmic Serpent, which aired on Portland Community Media channels in 2015.



We build the worlds we want to live in. Our hope is to elicit collaborative efforts and moments of artistic expression from wide swaths of people through accessible, far-reaching mediums—storytelling, public access television, humor and myth—thus creating work that is both for and by the community.

Reception: Friday, July 22 6–10pm

Venue 1: Public Access TV

Venue 2: Liberty Theatre

Gallery Hours: Storefront viewing Wed–Sun, Sundown–1am

1010 Adams Ave | La Grande

Residence: Portland, OR